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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Best Exercise Resources for 2017


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If you’re unmotivated or uninspired by the same exercises you’ve been doing since 2010, it’s time to step it up.

You aren’t popping in a Denise Austin yoga VHS for your morning workout anymore, but it’s quite possible you’re still tired of the same old routines. If you need ideas or help kicking your exercise up a notch, we’ve got a great roundup for you of the coolest ways to find the best workouts.

1. Instagram

If you think Instagram’s an app for people posting highly-curated pictures of their kitchens, you’re right. But Instagram’s also an incredible platform for fitness gurus to post daily workouts and link to longer videos. Some well-known fitness inspirations on Instagram include:

  • Bret Contreras (aka “the glute guy”), a personal trainer, published author, and expert in sports science who strives to help others reach their fitness goals and, 
  • Kayla Itsines, who shortly after becoming a certified personal trainer, started her own company aimed at helping women achieve a bikini body.

The benefit to Instagram is that, once you follow an instructor like Bret or Kayla, you’ll see their posts in your feed: that’s automatic inspiration wherever you are.  Try entering a hashtag like #easyyoga  or #workoutvideos for endless tips and tricks to tone and burn. Instagram is a social hub where the best minds (and bodies) in fitness post for your benefit. And the best part? It’s completely free.

2. Snapchat

Most of us still think of Snapchat as something high school students use to share selfies, but Snapchat has proven itself to be an ingenious social platform for everything from political movements to, well, fitness movements. How does it work? Once you’ve added a user to your Snapchat, you have access to their stories. That means daily (or even twice daily) workouts by some genuine fitness celebrities. Here’s a list of The Daily Burn’s Best Fitness Snapchats. We recommend following Christmas Abbott for a regular dose of fitness and diet advice. She’s a total iron maiden and yet totally down-to-earth.

The best part of Snapchat is that it’s a celebrity standard, so if you want to look like, say, Jillian Michaels, adding her is as simple as a few taps on the screen. And, just like Instagram, Snapchat is totally free.

3. YouTube

You’ve probably been using YouTube to look up makeup tutorials and automotive maintenance videos. But YouTube is where the fitness community lives. We’re long past the age of paying hundreds of dollars for exercise DVDs; instead, most instructors upload videos to YouTube and are paid through ad revenue. That means that the video is totally free for you to watch and follow just after watching a few seconds of an ad. Worth it? Absolutely. There’s a near-endless supply of exercise routines and tutorials for every conceivable type of workout. Check out Turbulence Training for metabolic-enhancing workouts and fitness challenges or Live Sonima for gentler, yoga-focused routines.

Aside from being an easy way to subscribe to a wealth of longer videos, YouTube is also great for being very specific. If you’re looking for, say, Muay Thai videos that are great for teenagers, that’s just a YouTube search away, and you can sort results by length if you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare. You can save your favorite videos to your YouTube library and compile your very own go-to list of exercise videos that resonate with your health needs. It’s a fantastic, free resource that’s regularly updated.

4. Reddit

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it’s essentially a gigantic forum where people from all over the world chime in on every topic imaginable, from parrot breeding to Russian military tactics. With so many subreddits (as each topic is called), naturally there would arise fitness-focused threads. Reddit is an extraordinarily helpful resource because you can ask questions and receive answers from millions of users from all over the world. For instance, someone asked for a collection of gifs for every exercise imaginable and was provided with hundreds of replies. Some of the largest Reddit subreddits like Exercise for body, mind, and spirit offer support as well as answers to specific questions. For fitness tips geared specifically for female needs, check out Fitness for Women! and become part of a tremendous discussion of female-focused nutrition and exercise. Reddit at first glance looks clunky, but it’s actually one of the best resource on the web (in our opinion) for asking questions and getting crowd-sourced information. Don’t be scared off by its simplistic design.

5. Bodyspace began as a resource for the bodybuilding community. Its forum, Bodyspace, is now the world’s largest bodybuilding forum and even has its own app to track workouts and progress pictures. You’ll find a robust community of both professional bodybuilders as well as those just starting to lift iron. You can also ask questions, get answers from professionals, and see videos of techniques and correct form.

Like our other resources, Bodyspace is totally free. We like it because it’s highly visual and has a very encouraging community. Plus, it offers guided workouts and easy ways to track your fitness. It’s a great introduction to weightlifting or for revitalizing your routine.

These five exercise resources may seem simple, but they’re actually powerful ways to completely reinvent your workout. Check out just one of our suggestions and you’ll see how easy it is to recharge your exercise routine for the new year.


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